About Me

My name is Aly Ibrahim, I work in designing, building and deploying applications in the cloud, I am basically a Solutions Architect, but I am a computer enthusiast and a developer by heart, I held different roles through out my career, Developer, System Integrator, Dev Lead, Consultant, Architect, and regardless of the role I am that guy the his eyes will widen open when I hear about new technology and try to search about it.

I am not kind of the person who would spend all his life in one technology or application, so I am known for being a Jack of all trades ..


Working in different roles I can sum up this for being fond of automation and what can make life easier for our customers and for ourselves so from that I decided to start this blog and write some articles to contribute with the knowledge I have and the knowledge that I will still gain.

As a Jack of all trades :) you will find a different topics and different level of expertise, so weather you're new to computer and coding, a developer, an Architect or even an Exec, I am planning to add articles that can serve and fulfil your needs.

I believe in cloud and specifically Kubernetes to be platform of the future, and in Opensource as the driver of the innovation so I'll try to link or relate my articles to these topics

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